API Endpoints


The bidAskLive endpoint is designed to provide near real-time bid and ask price data for option markets on SDX.


Query Parameters

  • assets: A comma-separated list of asset names for which the bid and ask prices are requested. Possible values include MSOL.

  • network: The network type on which the assets are traded. Possible values include mainnet-beta and devnet.

Response Structure

  "underlyingAssets": [
      "assetName": String,
      "vaultAddress": String,
      "retrievedAt": Number,
      "markets": [
          "marketName": String,
          // Type of option, one of "PUT", "CALL", "LONG_CALL_SPREAD",
          // "LONG_PUT_SPREAD"
          "optionType": String;
          "seriesId": Number;
          // Price of underlying asset in USD at time of record.
          "underlyingPrice": number;
          "markPriceStable": Number,
          "markPriceUnderlying": Number,
          "bidStable": Number,
          "bidUnderlying": Number,
          "askStable": Number,
          "askUnderlying": Number,
          // IV corresponding to each leg of option (in ascending order
          // of strike price). May be an empty array if no valid IV
          // is found.
          "bidIV": Number[];
          "askIV": Number[];
          "markPriceIV": Number[];
        ... // More option markets
    ... // More objects representing different underlying assets

Error Handling

  • 400 Bad Request: Invalid assets or network provided.

  • 429 Too Many Requests: Rate limit exceeded.

  • 500 Internal Server Error: Unexpected server-side errors.


The API internally caches responses for 60 seconds.

Rate Limiting

Be aware of the rate limiting policy of 5 requests / min to avoid service interruptions. The API enforces rate limits to ensure equitable resource usage.

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