Liquidity Mining

SDX offers liquidity mining in collaboration with select partners, providing an incentive for users who contribute to its Liquidity Pools.

Reward Distribution

Participants in SDX liquidity mining programs receive rewards through a direct airdrop into their wallets. This occurs every four weeks from the start of each liquidity mining program. The distribution of rewards is calculated on a pro-rata basis, determined by the time-weighted percentage of each user's contribution to the liquidity pool.

Daily Snapshot and Calculation

To ensure fairness and accuracy in reward distribution, daily snapshots are taken at 00:00 UTC. These snapshots form the basis for all reward calculations.

Consider the following scenario for a clearer understanding:

  • On the first day, Alice deposits 50 USDC into the mSOL-USDC liquidity pool and receives 50 LP Token. She maintains her position for the entire duration of the program.

  • Assuming the total pool size remains constant at 100 LP Tokens for the 30-day program, the time-weighted pool size is calculated as 30 days x 100, equating to 3000 LP Tokens.

  • Alice's time-weighted liquidity contribution is 50 x 30 days, totaling 1500 LP Tokens.

  • Therefore, Alice is entitled to receive 50% of the total MNDE rewards for this program, calculated as her contribution (1500) divided by the total pool size (3000).

Current Liquidity Mining Programs

LP PoolReward TokenTotal DistributionProgram Duration



$9,375 worth of tBTC

Jan 24 00:00 UTC - Apr 18 00:00 UTC

Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants must have at least 1 LP token to be included in the daily snapshot.

  • SDX reserves the right to alter the timing of the daily snapshots, originally scheduled for 00:00 UTC, if deemed necessary for the program's integrity and fairness.

  • SDX reserves the right to disqualify participants involved in fraudulent or manipulative practices.

  • SDX reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any aspect of the liquidity mining programs at any time without notice. Changes may include adjustments to the reward structure, eligibility criteria, and program duration.

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