Portfolio View

With the portfolio view SDX users have the power to view their Open Positions, Trade History, Portfolio Greeks, Settlement History, as well as open P&L and Portfolio Value.

Positions Tab

The position tab shows users active and open positions. The market column will tell users which option markets the position belongs to, while the type display the order used to open the position, i.e. BUY or SELL. Keep in mind the positions are cumulative of all individual trades.

Net Cashflow

Net Cashflow is the sum of all option payments and premiums received, after fees, for the cumulative trades involved in the open position.

Mark Price

Is the AMM Mark price, the midpoint between the bid and ask for a single unit of the position.


This is the unrealized P&L of the open position based on the position’s mark price, and net cashflow. Keep in mind that Mark Price is subject to changes and actual P&L may vary.

Settlement History

The settlement history displays any positions that a user has held until expiration. SDX uses European options that are cash settled in underlying for calls and USDC for puts. Settlement happens automatically and is reflected in a user’s trading account balance. There may be rare occasions where automatic settlement has failed due to network conditions. In those cases users can manually settle positions after expiration in the positions tab.

Closing Positions

Users have access to a quick close position feature in the position tab. Clicking on close link will open the Close Position Modal below:

This allows users to quickly close the complete position from the portfolio view.

Trade History

Trade history allows users to view all previous trades, regardless of whether they are open or closed. Keep in mind that unlike positions, trades are displayed as individual orders placed by the user, not cumulative based on market.


The payment column display negative values for long option positions, representing premium paid to purchase an option or strategy. Similarly, the column will display a positive value for short option positions, representing premium received to open a short option position.

Portfolio Greeks

The greeks tab shows the user’s cumulative greeks per asset based on their entire portfolio, including any open option positions, locked collateral, and trading account balance.

Clicking on a row will show the individual open positions that contribute to the portfolio greeks.

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